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I'm a weakling   
08:05pm 30/04/2008
  How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?
Created by OnePlusYou
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Oh and other misc   
12:30pm 28/10/2007
  For the Lawrence readers, I will be @ the storied Replay lounge next Saturday afternoon. 3pm I'm meeting up with my old Friend Matt Needham and doing some serious Hanging Out and talking. If you are in the area please stop in and say yo.  
12:18pm 28/10/2007
  I am alive.  
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Game Night 3   
03:38pm 27/05/2007
  Game night 3 was a smaller affair that kicked off with a burp, thanks to KC Strips, fried new potatoes and corn on the cob. It took a bit for the food stupour to wear off and everyone to get motivated enough to actually play anything. But once we did, it got rolling.

Fantasy Munckin was the game of the night. We added Clerical Errors and Unnatural Axe for fun and profit (some of the cards are genuinely halarious). The games got more cutthroat as time went on. I won the first one, Mitch and I both won the second one (we were both playing level 9 clerics when a Divine Intervention came up), Mitch won the third and Sherman got the fourth. Munchkin is a fun fast paced game normally but the fourth round took FOREVER mostly because three of us were theives and spent a lot of time stealing from each other and losing levels. Still, much fun.

After that the bloodlust and cutthroat vibe was high in the room (must have been all that red meat, man those steaks were fantastic...ahem, anyway)we decided to play some Zombies!!! We managed to play out every tile in the town including the helipad (Sherman has a reputation for closing off the town so the helipad can't be played). A couple of buildings became power struggle centers; notably the Sporting Goods store and the Police Station. Multiple event cards resulting in building repops and zombie waves on the streets made both places ridiculously dangerous. Nonetheless players kept trying to assault them, mostly due to beer and bad attitudes. Both eventually fell, but while we were scrapping over the crumbs in both buildings Sherman was strolling around town accumulating zombie kills like he was on a rabbit hunt.

He eventually bagged his 25th kill and the game while the rest of us were thinking about running for the copter and not beating each other up. Fairly classic Sherman strategy.

After that it was homeward bound for the troops. (World of Warcraft for me) and planning for the next Game Night.
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meaty reading   
07:18pm 24/05/2007
  Me on the most recent zombie fiction that I have read...

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Eye and Ear   
04:28pm 06/05/2007
  picked up the new Nine Inch Nails album 'Year Zero' last week. I like it although musically it is pretty par for the course NIN with a couple of stand out tracks I enjoyed. What is more fun is going down the crazy rabbit hole of dystopian future they set up as back ground information for the album. It is classic dystopian, drugged out mega christian America sort of stuff. Fun reading though, you can get started here:


You should check out 'Plauge Zone' the free serialized novel written by the talented David Wellington. You can read his other novels there free as well, but I encourage you to buy them (like I did) and support the dude. It is worth it if you like zombies, or good stories, or good stories including zombies.

Roll them bones   
03:56pm 29/04/2007
  A discussion of Game Night Number 2 can be found here:

03:16am 18/04/2007
  Still here...but shhhhhhsh,I am being quiet about it.  
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01:32pm 09/02/2007
  A shout out to my peeps!

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11:38pm 07/01/2007

The holidays were like passing a kidney stone.
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Who I am.   
04:29pm 18/12/2006
  I was checking out this My Space style website and wrote up a profile for it. Here it is and enjoy.


My kung-fu is undeniable and I am an outlaw in Peru. Even though I am a private citizen I receive fan mail. I once single handedly fought off a ship load of pirates while wearing a dashing tuxedo. I was asked to lead a small European country that I had never been to, I had to turn them down because it would have taken time away from my lunar mission. I am beloved by children and the elderly. I am both radioactive and invisible to modern radar. I am made of an indestructible titanium alloy yet still have the delicious fragrance of baked bread. I am difficult to spot with the unaided eye. I have the hoary powers of the occult, while still being a master of countless scientific disciplines. I both walk the walk AND talk the talk. I have won countless world shuffleboard championships and have grown county fair winning radishes. The wikipedia entry about me is written in ancient Sumerian and is the topic of endless scholarly debate. I once rocked out so hard it destabilized the orbit of the ISS. On quiet mornings I re-invent forms of teleportation. People on the street ask for my autograph for no apparent reason. I receive critical acclaim yet remain a humble man of the people.
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10:23pm 06/12/2006
  I've got my eye on you.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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cook and then I chill   
06:26pm 04/12/2006
  Awwww yes, Barry, Lavonne and 240$ worth of puddin'

awwwwww yeah   
09:08am 04/12/2006
  Other things, aside from pornography, that can be found 'Behind The Green Door'

-A new car!

-an affordable set of quality steak knives.

-sensible shoes.

-An attractive water color painting of a forest.

-three playful kittens.

-An NRA certified rifle range.

-white water rapids.
06:52am 28/11/2006
  Some Realizations

-It is a lot harder to find a black stocking cap with a skull&crossbones on it then I ever, ever guessed.

-It doesn't take much to completely derail my sleep cycle.

-Nothing is going to grab my foot in the middle of the night if it is hanging over the edge of the bed. (It's the oldest fears that are the hardest to shake)

-Leaving the light off in the kitchen doesn't cause the dirty dishes to vanish.

-Just because your computer is near an open window doesn't mean you are outside enjoying the day.

-An ice cream sandwich doesn't replace a regular sandwich for lunch; even though, in an ideal world, it should.
10:58pm 25/11/2006
  Six Get Away From Others Bar Tactics

-Intense coughing fit, followed by a run for the door.

-Nod, then smiling say, "Just like the dead prostitutes."

-stand, mentioning, "I have to go clean my guns."

-after every comment say, "just like according to prophesy."

-Nervous right eye twitch, accelerating with the passage of time.

-occasionally breaking into Europe's only hit, 'The Final Countdown.'
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11:38pm 23/11/2006
  A tired Version

Sleep now child,
in soft warm blankets,
safe from the world.

Sleep now child,
this means nothing to you,
wrapped tight and warm.

Sleep now child,
I'll keep you safe from harm,
nothing touches you now.

Sleep now child,
I can't save you from tommorow,
I'll hold you for tonight.

Sleep now child.
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12:34pm 23/11/2006
  Happy turkey day all. Eat a lot, take a nap this afternoon and spend the evening contemplating one of my favorite sins...gluttony!

(Although sloth is my number one favorite of the seven deadly.)
04:04am 23/11/2006
  These are ferocious times,
like animals through the streets,
we find our selves,
in dark hide-aways,
from these fierce, lunging things.

They are us though,
following us through time,
and place,
monsters, but our making.

From childhood,
on through,
our little demons,
our little angels.

flee, defend.


In these times,
more so,
more at us,
every day,
more of us,
extended, every way.

Our angels and demons grown huge,
they follow us,
we don't follow them.
03:21am 23/11/2006
  Ways I feel about dealing with my family prior to Thanksgiving At My Brother's

-like I was going on my first date, sure I had worn the wrong thing.

-like an ogre intent on devouring all in it's path.

-as if I could stay in bed and sleep for about a year.

-wishing I had a better anecdote about my life that would make sense to them.

-wanting to be someplace with a good book.

-probably wishing I had better connections with them later.