Tenebrae (tenebrae) wrote,

Who I am.

I was checking out this My Space style website and wrote up a profile for it. Here it is and enjoy.


My kung-fu is undeniable and I am an outlaw in Peru. Even though I am a private citizen I receive fan mail. I once single handedly fought off a ship load of pirates while wearing a dashing tuxedo. I was asked to lead a small European country that I had never been to, I had to turn them down because it would have taken time away from my lunar mission. I am beloved by children and the elderly. I am both radioactive and invisible to modern radar. I am made of an indestructible titanium alloy yet still have the delicious fragrance of baked bread. I am difficult to spot with the unaided eye. I have the hoary powers of the occult, while still being a master of countless scientific disciplines. I both walk the walk AND talk the talk. I have won countless world shuffleboard championships and have grown county fair winning radishes. The wikipedia entry about me is written in ancient Sumerian and is the topic of endless scholarly debate. I once rocked out so hard it destabilized the orbit of the ISS. On quiet mornings I re-invent forms of teleportation. People on the street ask for my autograph for no apparent reason. I receive critical acclaim yet remain a humble man of the people.

  • I'm a weakling

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  • Oh and other misc

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  • Hi

    I am alive.

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